Woodlake News

Woodlake News, Nov 1, 2017

petsThe allowance of pets at Woodlake Villas has mot been without a cost to all property owners and residents of Woodlake. While a large portion of pet owners adhere to the rules designed to protect ALL owners and residents, an unusually large segment of pet owners do not abide by the rules. PET shall mean any mammal, reptile, or bird which weighs in excess of two pounds. UNIT OWNERS are responsible for a pet that occupies the unit of the owner at any time, and the OWNER of the Woodlake unit is responsible for any arrangements with a tenant. There is a limit of two (2) pets per villa, and each shall be registered with the Property Manager. Such registration shall include a description of the pet, the name and unit number of the adult person responsible for the pet, and a signed statement acknowledging the rules governing pets. All pets MUST be registered within one (1) week of arrival on the property. Pets must be brought to the office so a photo may be taken to include in the registration.The pet limit may be extended only on permission granted by the Board of Directors. and applications for such must be submitted in writing. All pets that are registered must have proof ovaccinations. Failure to comply with the Woodlake rules and regulations may result in fines.

As always, we would like to thank you for your help and cooperation in the above matters.




As you all know, Halloween is this coming Tuesday! October 31st . In previous years we have asked that everyone planning to participate in the activities and pass out treats to leave their front entrance lights on. Given the number of lights with photocells and motion detectors, you may end up going to several nonparticipating units. This year, not only are we asking you to turn on the lights, but also to post this notice on your door if you are participating in Halloween,
with the pumpkin face side showing out. When going door to door, look for this notice. If you do not see this notice posted, move on to the next villa. As residents “trick or treat” throughout the property, keep an eye out for children moving from building to building and crossing streets. Have a good and safe time!!

Como todos saben, Halloween es este martes 31 de octubre. En afios anteriores, hemos pedido que todos los que planean participar en las actividades y repartan golosinas para que dejen las luces de entrada en la entrada. Dada la cantidad de luces con fotocelulas y detectores de movimiento, puede terminar yendo a varias unidades no participantes. Este ana, no solo te estamos pidiendo que enciendas las luces, sino que tarnblen publiques este aviso en tu puerta si estas participando en Halloween, can ellado de la calabaza mirando hacia afuera. Cuando vaya de puerta en puerta, busque este aviso. Si no ve este aviso publicado, pase a la siguiente villa. Mientras los residentes “engafian 0 tratan” en toda la propiedad, este atento a los nifios que se mueven de un edificio a otro y cruzan las calles. Que tengas un buen momento y seguro !!

Woodlake News, Oct 4, 2017

downloadDue to the numerous complaints we have received about personal items left out in the common area and messy looking patios, we will be conducting a patio and common area inspection on Tuesday,  October 10th. Any violations found at this time will result in a ticket and/or fines being issued. For your information, the following items only shall be allowed on the patio area: patio furniture intended for outdoor use, cooking grills, plants in pots (not buckets), bicycles, and children’s riding toys. Access to the patio door must remain clear at all times. Items prohibited include, but are not limited to, firewood, shelving units, boxes, motorcycles, baby pools, and cleaning supplies. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors.  Please help us keep Woodlake looking clean and attractive by cleaning up all patios and areas around your villas.

There have been reports that residents have heard BB and pellet guns being discharged on the property. This is not allowed anywhere in Woodlake. Anyone caught discharging any type of gun in     Woodlake will be issued tickets/fines, and the police may be notified.

Evacuation Order Liftd as of 9:15 AM Today

Come-On-HomeGreetings Islanders,

It’s time to head back home.

Effective at 9:15 a.m. today, the Governor lifted the evacuation order for our community and I simultaneously granted re-entry to the Island. Please take care to travel safely and keep these things in mind:

With the evacuation order lifted and the re-entry order established, you will be able to travel over the bridge and onto the Island.

The Emergency Room operations at Hilton Head Hospital will be operational at 10:00 a.m. These are EMERGENCY ROOM OPERATIONS ONLY. It will take time to re-establish full operations at the Hospital.

Power may not be available in a few spots. Palmetto Electric is diligently working to restore power to the approximately 1,500 customers currently without power on Hilton Head Island.

Thank you to everyone on the Town team, including the Emergency Operations Center and the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, whose efforts were excellent.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We are most certainly an incredible community.



Mayor David Bennett

Governor McMaster expected to hold a press conference at 10:00 AM. Sheriff P.J. Tanner will follow immediately after.

user24636-1392829911-8088_ffffff_138_138_PrsMe_Good Morning,

The weather overnight had no significant additional impact on Beaufort County. The South Carolina Department of Transportation is currently inspected roadways, bridges and causeways to ensure they are safe for the volume of traffic expected during reentry. Governor McMaster is expected to hold a press conference at 10:00 AM to address reentry to the barrier islands of Beaufort County. Sheriff P.J. Tanner will address the public immediately after the Governor. Sheriff Tanner’s press conference will be held at the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office headquarters building, 2001 Duke Street, Beaufort in the second floor training room. The media, as well as municipal and elected officials are invited and encouraged to attend. Thank you for your patience throughout this major storm event. Sheriff Tanner’s press conference will broadcast live of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and the County Channel YouTube site.


update3-970x546We are still awaiting the announcement from the governor lifting the evacuation notice, but in the meantime everything on the property appears to be okay.  All the water has receded and there is no major damage visible, just a fair amount of debris. It is unknown if  any units took on any water.  Once everyone returns and gets into their villas we will know for sure.  We will be conducting inspections once everyone is allowed back on the island and we get back up to full strength regular operations.

A letter from Hilton Head Island Mayor David Bennett

Good evening, Islanders,

What a day it was! How proud all Islanders should be of their Town, including all First Responders, Emergency Operations Center personnel, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, our utility providers and everyone else who assisted. We weathered an incredible tropical storm and many have sustained some flooding and other damage from the combination of rains and storm surge intersecting with high tide. Irma has all but passed now and our resources are laser-focused on helping one another repair, recover and welcome all of our Islanders home.

About Re-Entry

Your Town is hard at work right now preparing for your return. The Hilton Head Hospital Emergency Room operations are in the process of being restored. The damage assessment of roadways and causeways that is currently being conducted by Beaufort County and SCDOT should be completed by Tuesday [9/12/17] at 8:30 a.m. Utility companies and PSD’s are working to repair any outages and service interruptions. As of this writing, 8,100 Palmetto Electric customers on Hilton Head Island are without power. Your Fire Rescue is fully operational.

Our goal is to be prepared to allow re-entry to the Island tomorrow upon the lifting of the evacuation order by the Governor. Once the Governor has lifted the evacuation order, and the Town has simultaneously done likewise, you will be free to cross the bridge without interruption and return to your homes and businesses.

We have sustained damages, and many of our neighbors in Bluffton, Beaufort and Beaufort County have too. Let’s extend to each other compassion, encouragement and assistance. Thank you so much for your patience and support during this time. Your Town looks forward to your return.


Mayor David Bennett

Flash Flood Warning in Effect

download (1)Approximately 20,000 customers without power so far in Beaufort County. Flash Flood Warning in effect.

 Hurricane Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm this morning. Beaufort County is presently under a flash flood warning. 4-6 feet of storm surge inundation, 4-8 inches of rain are forecasted for our area. Please stay indoors today and avoid driving. Utility companies report over 20,000 customers in Beaufort County are without power. Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management continues to closely monitor the storm and we will update you as soon as information becomes available.

mandatory Curfew

f8ff75a4-3ae4-4e46-a95a-21c31f7ec864-large16x9_WTGS_MGNOnline_curfewThe Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department has issued a mandatory curfew for the following Beaufort County barrier islands: Hilton Head Island, Daufuskie Island, Harbour Island, Fripp Island & Hunting Island from 7:00 PM-7:00 AM Saturday night, Sunday and Monday.