Discussion Board

Welcome to our discussion board. Follow the simple steps outlined below and join the discussion.

When you visit the website you will now see a new header on the menu bar called “Discussion Board”. Mouse over this and you will see “Members”, “What’s Happening”, “Join”, and “Activate Membership” in the drop down menu.

Click on “Join” and you will be brought to the registration page for the discussion board. Fill out the requested fields and click “Complete Signup”. Please note that true names are required and Woodlake reserves the right to delete any registrations that cannot be connected to a real person.

You will then see a screen directing you to your email account to activate your membership.Very shortly you will receive an email in your inbox from Woodlake Villas, click the link provided within to activate your account. This will take you to the “Activate Your Account” page under “Discussion Board” and populate the field for the activation code. If for some reason the link does not connect you, copy the code provided and paste it into the provided line on the activation page.Click the button that says “Activate”.Your membership is now active. To appear in the membership roll and be able to post to the board, you will need to log in for the first time.  Just click the link that says “Log In”.You will be directed to the WordPress login (this website is powered by WordPress). Log in using the information you used to create your account, prove your humanity, click the “Log In” button and you are set. If you check “Remember Me” your login information will be saved and you will be automatically logged in when you visit the Woodlake website.On login you will be directed back to the Homepage for Woodlake Villas. If you look at the black toolbar at the top you will now see a greeting from WordPress. You know that you are now logged in.Mouse over “Discussion Board”, click on “Members” and you will be taken to a list of active members.Click on “What’s Happening” and you will see posts and activity on the discussion board. Note that you will no longer see the fields for “Join” or “Activate Your Account” when you are logged in, you will be directed to the homepage. Make a post or respond to the posts of others much the same as any other social media platform. You may include with your posts photos, videos, or documents by clicking on the corresponding icon, or an outside link (such as a news article) by pasting the link into the text field.

If you click on the star under a post you are adding it to your “Favorites” list. This will be helpful in returning to posts/discussions you are interested in. An example may be that user Mary Jean asks if anyone is interested in forming a book club to meet monthly in the community room. If this interests you, you can return easily to the post and ensuing discussion, even as days, weeks, or months pass.

This page will be updated as changes are made to the discussion board.

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