Amenities Re-Opening Guidelines and Waiver

Amenities Re-Opening Guidelines and Waiver

Amenities Re-Opening Guidelines and Waiver

To all Woodlake Residents:

Woodlake has been watching and studying the CDC and SCDHEC communications and advisories and are now getting ready to re-open the pool and fitness center in the very near future. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare the amenities for opening with added safety guidelines in place. Important items to know before going to the Woodlake Pool or Fitness Center:

If you are in a vulnerable age or medical group and feel the least bit uncomfortable using the Woodlake amenities, please wait until the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that restrictions have been lifted to use outdoor/indoor facilities where you may come in close contact with other people.

  1. The Woodlake Pool will be restricted for use to Woodlake residents ONLY. No outside guests will be permitted at this time. The pool capacity is limited to a total of 32 residents at any one time and the Fitness Center to 4 residents.
  2. You must read and review the COVID-19 Pool/Fitness Center Waiver before you can enter the Woodlake Pool Area or Fitness Center. If you refuse to sign the Waiver that you understand the terms in the COVID-19 waiver, you will NOT be permitted entrance. The COVID-19 waiver can also be found on the Woodlake website. All unit residents covered by the waiver agreement must be listed and provided on the waiver agreement. If any occupant names are not listed or provided on the waivers, they will not be permitted access to any amenity. The Waiver agreement must be properly executed a minimum of 24 hours before access to any amenity is granted for proper processing.
  3. While at the Woodlake Pool, please practice social distancing and stay 6’ away from those who do NOT live in your household.
  4. Tables, chairs, and lounge chairs have been placed so that they are all at a minimum of 6 feet apart. We have put out the maximum allowed within guidelines. DO NOT MOVE any of the tables, chairs or lounge chairs or attempt to access the extra lounges stacked on the edges of the pool deck. Furniture within the Community room is also restricted with these same guidelines. The normal pool rules will continue to be enforced.
  5. The Woodlake staff will continue to perform their daily cleaning and disinfecting of all the proper surfaces within the pool area and fitness center. In between these times FOR YOUR SAFETY, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND BRINGING SANITARY WIPES AND/OR DISINFECTANTS TO WIPE DOWN POOL FURNITURE PRIOR TO USE OR ANY OTHER ITEMS OTHER PEOPLE WILL TOUCH – GATE LATCHES, POOL LADDER AND BATHROOMS. THE SAME APPLIES TO THE  FITNESS CENTER EQUIPMENT.
  6. Failure to abide by these new guidelines or any of the existing Woodlake Pool Rules and Fitness Center Rules will result in the offender’s amenity pass being deactivated and possible fines.
  7. Please note: Depending on actual usage and the trends we experience these first few weeks of being open, adjustments may be made.

COVID-19 Amenities Waiver Form (English)

COVID-19 Amenities Waiver Form (Spanish)

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