Property Management

Having a top-ranking property management company to oversee the on-site supervisor and staff, as well as maintenance and landscaping projects, gives homeowners at Woodlake the security to know that all aspects of the property are well maintained.  The Board of Directors at Woodlake Villas meets monthly with the property management company and manages the direction of future projects and financial decisions.

Emergency and urgent needs should be phoned in to the on-site office at (843) 689-3366, or after hours at (843) 540-2147 immediately.

Regime Manager: Michael Hawanczak
Site Superintendent: Steve Belton
Administrative Assistant: Tracy Neiderheiser
    Diamond Property Management, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1836
    Bluffton, SC 29910
    (843) 815-6540
    (843) 815-6541 (fax)
To email Tracey: 
To email Steve: 

Woodlake Villas Board of Directors:IMG_4153

  • ,Linda Miller, President
  • Mary Spilman, Vice-President
  • Bob Arundell, Treasurer
  • Charlotte Quattrocchi, Secretary
  • Peter Keber
  • Marsha Layman
  • Ralph Millige
  • Nancy Vicarro
  • Nancy Voegele

Complaints about rule violations or other matters concerning Woodlake Villas should be made in writing to the property management company.  You may use the Complaint Form provided here.