Rules and Regulations

With 224 units, 29 acres of land, a diverse group of owners and residents, and a wide array of amenities, rules and regulations have been developed with a few specific goals in mind:

  1. Keep the property safe and secure for all owners/residents;
  2. Maintain a healthy environment;
  3. Maintain and enhance property values; and
  4. Maintain a fair balance between the needs of the community as a whole with the needs of individual owners/residents.

A word about enforcement:

The Board of Directors, management, and staff of the Woodlake Property Owners Association, Inc. is committed to the fair and consistent enforcement of our rules and regulations. That being said, it should be noted that the management and staff have many responsibilities and rules enforcement is just one of them. Just as it is impossible for the highway patrol to catch each and every driver exceeding the speed limit, it is virtually impossible for management and staff to catch all those who break our rules. Self-discipline is the key to any successful community and we invite all owners and residents to abide by the rules. It makes Woodlake a better place for all of us!

Of course, in the end, sometimes people do break the rules. Except in certain cases, if a rule is broken, you will get a warning. If the problem is not corrected within the specified period of time, a fine will be issued. Fines may escalate with repeated infractions. Remember: fines are levied against OWNERS. The owner is solely responsible for his own actions as well as the actions of his family, guests and tenants. It is the owner’s sole responsibility to notify his family, guests and tenants of the rules and to make certain they understand them.

Woodlake’s community relations officers can be reached at (843) 540-2147 with concerns.