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Woodlake News, January 2019, Issue 2

Attention Dog Owners

Woodlake employees are spending a lot of time cleaning up the dog run and other areas around the property every morning. This is not their responsibility. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to clean up after your pets. Please make sure you ALWAYS remember to CLEAN UP after your pets. If you see anyone not picking up after their pets, please report this to the On-Site Office immediately.

Thank you!!

Woodlake News, January 2019, Issue 1

Holiday Decoration Contest Winners Announced

The Woodlake Holiday Decoration Committee would like to congratulate the following residents for their excellent displays during the holidays:

• First Place Winner: Units #129

• Second Place Winner: Unit #184

• Third Place Winner: Unit #195

• Honorable Mention: Unit #44

Woodlake had so many colorful, festive and merry displays this year, which lit up our community and helped make the season cheery and bright. Thank you to ALL our residents who decorated for the holidays. Please make sure all Christmas lights and decorations are down by January 15th.

Thank you!!!

Discussion Board Added

There has been some interest in having a forum for discussion within the Woodlake community, so to that end your website admin is developing a discussion board that can be found on the Woodlake Villas website. This feature, although “live”, is still under development, and I invite you to join, explore, and give me some feedback, via the discussion board, of course. Click  “Discussion Board” on the menu bar and you will be taken to  step-by-step directions for how to sign up if you’d like to join the discussion. I’ll post updates about upcoming changes to the board, as well as the website itself, as they happen.

Woodlake News, Nov 21, 2018, Rules Update

Recently, the South Carolina legislature passed new regulations regarding certain provisions of how Property, Homeowner and Condominium Associations are governed.  These new regulations expand the type of documents that are to be officially recorded and considered as of record.  For our condominium association, the previous required documents to be recorded are the Master Deed, By-Laws and any properly passed Amendments.  The new regulations now require that the property Rules and Regulations be recorded as well.  The Woodlake Board of Directors has reviewed and updated the property Rules and Regulations in anticipation of the effective date of the new requirements.  These newly updated Rules and Regulations have been posted to our website and are available at the on-site and management offices.

Woodlake News, November 2019

Recently Woodlake distributed magnets to everyone on the property with phone numbers for emergency and non-emergency use. Since passing the magnets out we continue to receive calls to the emergency contact number that are not emergencies. We ask that you only use the emergency number for emergencies and if you have a non-emergency issue contact the On-site office during business hours and we will be glad to help you.

Many residents are still feeding animals such as birds, turtles, dogs, cats, alligators, etc., outside in the common areas. This is not allowed at any time because it unintentionally attracts/feeds unwanted pests such as squirrels and rats. Any resident caught feeding any type of animal or leaving food/food bowls anywhere in the common area will be issued a ticket which will result in an automatic fine.

In the next few weeks, areas of the roads and parking areas will have repairs performed in order to get ready for the spring repaving project.  From time to time parking may be limited in areas and you may be asked to move your vehicles for work to be completed. We will keep you informed with any updates should the weather change plans for this project. As always, we would like to thank you for your help and cooperation in the above matters.


Trick or Treat 2018

As you all know, Halloween is this coming Wednesday, October 31st. In previous years we have asked that everyone planning to participate in the activities and pass out treats to leave their front entrance lights  on. Given the number of lights with photocells and  motion detectors, you may end up going to several non-participating units. This year,  not only are we asking you to turn on the lights, but also to post this notice on your door if you are participating in Halloween, with the pumpkin face side showing out.  When going door to door, look for this notice. If you do not see this notice posted,  move on to the next villa. As residents “trick or treat” throughout the property, keep an eye out for children moving from building to building and crossing streets.

Have a good and safe time!!


Como todos saben, Halloween es este miercoles 31 de octubre. En afios anteriores,  hemos pedido que todos los que planean participar en las actividades y repartan  golosinas para que dejen las luces de entrada en la entrada. Dada la cantidad de luces  con fotocelulas y detectores de movimiento, puede terminar yendo a varias unidades no participantes. Este ano, no solo te estamos pidiendo que enciendas las luces, sino que  tambien publiques este aviso en tu puerta si estas participando en Halloween, con el  lado de la calabaza mirando hacia afuera. Cuando vaya de puerta en puerta, busque  este aviso. Si no ve este aviso publicado, pase a la siguiente villa. Mientras los residentes “engafian 0 tratan” en toda la propiedad, este atento a los nifios que se mueven de un edificio a otro y cruzan las calles. Que tengas un buen momento y seguro !!

Woodlake News, October 2018

We are asking all residents to take time to do their part in removing clutter from around their unit. Patio areas are one of the biggest problems!! If you read the Woodlake Handbook that has been provided to each resident, you will see that the following items only shall be allowed on the patio area; lawn furniture, cooking grills, plants, bicycles and children’s riding toys. The common area and sidewalks are to remain clean and free of debris. Do not hide items in the bushes. All residents need to be proactive in keeping the area around your unit neat and clean. You should also make sure that there are screens in all windows, windows have the proper color curtains; storm doors are in good working order and kept closed. By doing your part this will make Woodlake Villas a very appealing place to live!

Recently we have had many complaints from residents stating that people are taking their parking place. Like we have said in the past, Woodlake does not have assigned parking. Its first come first served.  The reason that this may be happening is residents are having guests and they are parking in that area. Please have guests park in areas that are near the villa but not in front of villa.

Thank you for your cooperation in the above matters.

Hurricane Michael Preparations

An update on a few items related to the property as well as the approach of Hurricane Michael.  As with Florence, the forecast varies as to how high the winds may be and how much rain we may receive.  With the hurricane now at CAT 4 status it very well could still be packing a good punch when it passes through our area so we are now installing the shutters at the fitness center and preparing for potential high winds.  We have also cleaned out all known drainage issues on the property and the on-site crew has also eliminated a potential flood issue in the Mathews Drive system that would result in a back-up in our ability to drain the lagoons and avoid potential flooding.  With winds predicted to arrive starting tonight and going through tomorrow, we are toggling the gates open this evening to avoid any wind, tree or electrical issues with the gate systems.  Also, it appears that one of the electrical contactors on the property that controls several of the outdoor pole light circuits burned up last night.  This requires a new contactor to be installed and we are attempting to locate the part right now.  It will take several hours to change out without any further complications or problems.  Given everything going on at the moment, it may take a few days before this repair is completed.

We’keep you all informed of any further developments or other information you may need to know.  Everybody be safe!

Playground Closure

The new play area at the back side of the property located behind unit # 180 will be closed for maintenance until further notice. We have discovered a bug infestation and a fugus issue that has weakened the grass. We are now treating the grass with an insecticide and fungicide and this area will remain closed until the grass is healthy again. Once this area becomes healthy and no signs of insects or fugus, we will reopen the play area.  Parents, please pass this message on to your children.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


La nueva área de juego en la parte posterior de la propiedad ubicada detrás de la unidad n. ° 180 estará cerrada por mantenimiento hasta nuevo aviso. Hemos descubierto una infestación de insectos y un problema de fugus que ha debilitado la hierba. Ahora estamos tratando la hierba con un insecticida y un fungicida y esta área permanecerá cerrada hasta que la hierba vuelva a estar sana. Una vez que esta área se vuelva sana y no haya señales de insectos o fugus, volveremos a abrir en el área de juego. Padres, por favor pasen este mensaje a sus hijos. Gracias por su cooperación en este asunto.


Projected path of Hurricane Florence from National Hurricane Center 8:00 p.m. Please continue to monitor the storm.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) released its 8:00 p.m. update on the projected path of Hurricane Florence. The NHC advises that Hurricane Florence is moving northwest at 16 miles per hour with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour. Please click on the attached image for more details.

There is still uncertaintly on what impact this storm may have on Beaufort County, so please continue to plan ahead. State, county and municipal emergency management officials are closely monitoring Hurricane Florence. Resources to support a hurricane/major storm operation are here and standing by in the event they are needed.

Beaufort County residents and guests can expect to see law enforcement officers from state, county and municipal agencies, as well as Army National Guard and South Carolina Department of Transportation personnel positioned at traffic control points on U.S. 278 and U.S. 21. Those personnel are positioned at the traffic control points to monitor the flow of traffic and to implement lane reversals if necessary.

If lane reversals to ease the flow of traffic becomes necessary, you will be advised as far in advance as possible. At this time, driving is not being restricted in Beaufort County and all bridges to access Beaufort County’s barrier Islands are open to traffic.

Beaufort County is not under a governor’s evacuation order, but we do urge residents and guests located in low-lying areas and others—who wish to minimize their exposure to this dangerous storm—to evacuate south into Georgia, Florida or, at the very least, to higher ground.

The Sheriff’s Office, along with state and municipal governments will continue to keep you advised of developments with Hurricane Florence. We encourage you to remain vigilant and stay informed on the storm’s projected path through the National Hurricane Center https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

Your safety is of paramount importance, please continue to rely on official sources for your updates on Hurricane Florence and we ask you to avoid misinformation spread through social media.

Please pass this information along to family and friends. Thank you for staying informed.

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