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Hurricane Ian Preparations

A quick note to let you all know that we are finishing up our Hurricane preparations today waiting on the arrival of what’s left of Hurricane Ian.  Depending on how closely you have been following the storm and anticipated track, it has changed several times when it comes to where and how much affect it will have on our area.  We are not taking any chances and have installed the shutters at the pool and fitness center.  The pool is closed down and all the furniture stacked up and secured along with everything else around the maintenance shop and surrounding areas.  The lagoon levels have been lowered as low as we can get them in anticipation of several inches of rain.  As soon as the storm passes, we will be assessing any damage and begin clean-up what we know will be a bunch of debris in any case.   I will send out updates when I can, and everyone STAY SAFE!

Woodlake News, January 2022

Any residents who still has a live Christmas tree and would like us to depose of it may do so by putting it in their front of villa next to the sidewalk no later than January 15th and we will come and pick up the tree and dispose of it.

As we begin the New Year here are a few reminders of Woodlake’s rules we all need to follow:

*All Christmas/Holiday decorations need to be taken down no later than January 15th
*When entering the property, wait for the drop-down arm to come down to a complete stop before you swipe your card or use your click-to-enter.

*Do not drive or park on any landscaped areas, this includes areas covered in mulch or pine straw.

*All vehicles and pets must be registered at the on-site office within (1) week of arrival.

* Do not congregate in front of units drinking alcohol, playing loud music or any way disturbing or annoying the occupants of any units in the complex.

*There is NO assigned parking.

*The fine for not picking up after your pet has been increased to $250 for a first-time violation. There are no warnings and the fines escalate for additional violations. WE ARE SERIOUS WHEN WE SAY PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET!!!

Thank you for your cooperation in following these rules and we look forward to a fabulous year at Woodlake Villas.

Trick or Treat

As you all know, Halloween is this coming Sunday, October 31st.  In previous years we have asked that everyone planning to participate in the activities and pass out treats to leave their front entrance lights on.  Given the number of lights with photocells and motion detectors, you may end up going to several non-participating units.  This year, not only are we asking you to turn on the lights, but also to post this notice on your door if you are participating in Halloween, with the pumpkin face side showing out.  When going door to door, look for this notice.  If you do not see this notice posted, move on to the next villa.  As residents “trick or treat” throughout the property, keep an eye out for children moving from building to building and crossing streets. Have a good and safe time!!


Como todos saben, Halloween es este domingo 31 de octubre. En años anteriores, hemos pedido que todos los que planean participar en las actividades y repartan golosinas para que dejen las luces de entrada en la entrada. Dada la cantidad de luces con fotocélulas y detectores de movimiento, puede terminar yendo a varias unidades no participantes. Este año, no solo te estamos pidiendo que enciendas las luces, sino que también publiques este aviso en tu puerta si estás participando en Halloween, con el lado de la calabaza mirando hacia afuera. Cuando vaya de puerta en puerta, busque este aviso. Si no ve este aviso publicado, pase a la siguiente villa. Mientras los residentes “engañan o tratan” en toda la propiedad, esté atento a los niños que se mueven de un edificio a otro y cruzan las calles. Que tengas un buen momento y seguro !!

Woodlake News, May 2021

Woodlake residents it has come to our attention that Woodlake appears to be the new  dumping ground for contractors in the area. Since the first of the year dumping material at County dump sites has changed making it harder for contractors to get rid of construction debris. Woodlake has since had to have a dumpster brought in to remove this material that cannot be placed in the normal dumpsters we have around the property. If you see anyone putting construction material in our dumpsters, call the On-site office immediately and try to get a license plate number,  make and model of vehicle. If this continues to be an issue, regimes fees will go up and rent costs will rise. So, everyone needs to do their part to keep contractors from dumping in Woodlake.

The pool parking lot is a designated area for the community to park their cars while using the amenities. We ask that  come May 15, 2021 that you start parking in the Cul-de-sac where your unit is located. Anyone still parking in the pool parking lot after May 15th will be ticketed and may be towed.

Woodlake has begun to inspect all building exteriors to note any  improper or unauthorized alterations at or on the buildings.  Recently, all inactive  satellite dishes no longer in use have been removed.  With both Spectrum and Hargray now upgrading their services and infrastructure within Woodlake, more residents are signing up for these services.  We are now seeing numerous wires and cables being run on building surfaces and holes drilled through walls for these services.  Most of these recent installations are not properly done and will need to be removed and re-installed following the proper guidelines.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you are having new or upgraded service provided to your villa by either Spectrum or Hargray, you must first contact the on-site office and also have the service provider check in with the on-site office  prior to the installation.  A staff member will meet and review the installation at your villa to insure it is being done according to Woodlake standards.  Let us try to get it done correctly the first time so everyone can avoid the time and expense of having to do it again properly.

Thank for your cooperation in the above matters.

Holiday Decorating Contest

Once again the Woodlake Volunteers are sponsoring a holiday decorating contest. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place pf $100, $50, and $25.

Judging will take place on Saturday, December 19th. Please make sure your lights are on by dusk so that the judges can decide on the most creative decorating this year. Let’s see what you have and make Woodlake beautiful and festive for the holidays!

Note: The office will close at 2:00 PM on Christmas Eve, and will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Days.



Community Clean-Up

This weekend we are having a Community Clean Up project here at Woodlake to make our community an even more beautiful place to live. This would be a good time to check your patio area for violations and pick up any trash in the common areas around your villa and clean your front door, if needed. From Wednesday Oct.28 through Saturday October 31 we will be conducting inspections of all patios, front doors and common areas around all villas.


Trick or Treat Notice




Woodlake Receives FHA Approval!

I am pleased to announce that after several years of effort, and working with the Federal Housing Authority, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has APPROVED the Woodlake Villas community as an FHA Certified Condo Project.The designation is effective for three years thereby enabling Woodlake Villas to join just seven other condo projects on Hilton Head with this status.

There are a number of benefits that come with this FHA approval. In the current lending environment,
more than 50% of new home puyers plan on using FHA loan programs.With FHA approval, those home buyers can now get FHA loans (many of which are assumable) that previously may not have been available.With FHA approval, loans with lower down payments are possible. Additionally, with an increased pool of potential buyers comes higher competition, which historically has led to price appreciation. FHA Project Approval has also been associated with increased Owner Occupancy.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Arundell

Amenities Re-Opening Guidelines and Waiver

To all Woodlake Residents:

Woodlake has been watching and studying the CDC and SCDHEC communications and advisories and are now getting ready to re-open the pool and fitness center in the very near future. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare the amenities for opening with added safety guidelines in place. Important items to know before going to the Woodlake Pool or Fitness Center:

If you are in a vulnerable age or medical group and feel the least bit uncomfortable using the Woodlake amenities, please wait until the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that restrictions have been lifted to use outdoor/indoor facilities where you may come in close contact with other people.

  1. The Woodlake Pool will be restricted for use to Woodlake residents ONLY. No outside guests will be permitted at this time. The pool capacity is limited to a total of 32 residents at any one time and the Fitness Center to 4 residents.
  2. You must read and review the COVID-19 Pool/Fitness Center Waiver before you can enter the Woodlake Pool Area or Fitness Center. If you refuse to sign the Waiver that you understand the terms in the COVID-19 waiver, you will NOT be permitted entrance. The COVID-19 waiver can also be found on the Woodlake website. All unit residents covered by the waiver agreement must be listed and provided on the waiver agreement. If any occupant names are not listed or provided on the waivers, they will not be permitted access to any amenity. The Waiver agreement must be properly executed a minimum of 24 hours before access to any amenity is granted for proper processing.
  3. While at the Woodlake Pool, please practice social distancing and stay 6’ away from those who do NOT live in your household.
  4. Tables, chairs, and lounge chairs have been placed so that they are all at a minimum of 6 feet apart. We have put out the maximum allowed within guidelines. DO NOT MOVE any of the tables, chairs or lounge chairs or attempt to access the extra lounges stacked on the edges of the pool deck. Furniture within the Community room is also restricted with these same guidelines. The normal pool rules will continue to be enforced.
  5. The Woodlake staff will continue to perform their daily cleaning and disinfecting of all the proper surfaces within the pool area and fitness center. In between these times FOR YOUR SAFETY, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND BRINGING SANITARY WIPES AND/OR DISINFECTANTS TO WIPE DOWN POOL FURNITURE PRIOR TO USE OR ANY OTHER ITEMS OTHER PEOPLE WILL TOUCH – GATE LATCHES, POOL LADDER AND BATHROOMS. THE SAME APPLIES TO THE  FITNESS CENTER EQUIPMENT.
  6. Failure to abide by these new guidelines or any of the existing Woodlake Pool Rules and Fitness Center Rules will result in the offender’s amenity pass being deactivated and possible fines.
  7. Please note: Depending on actual usage and the trends we experience these first few weeks of being open, adjustments may be made.

COVID-19 Amenities Waiver Form (English)

COVID-19 Amenities Waiver Form (Spanish)

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