Woodlake News, January 2022

Woodlake News, January 2022

Woodlake News, January 2022

Any residents who still has a live Christmas tree and would like us to depose of it may do so by putting it in their front of villa next to the sidewalk no later than January 15th and we will come and pick up the tree and dispose of it.

As we begin the New Year here are a few reminders of Woodlake’s rules we all need to follow:

*All Christmas/Holiday decorations need to be taken down no later than January 15th
*When entering the property, wait for the drop-down arm to come down to a complete stop before you swipe your card or use your click-to-enter.

*Do not drive or park on any landscaped areas, this includes areas covered in mulch or pine straw.

*All vehicles and pets must be registered at the on-site office within (1) week of arrival.

* Do not congregate in front of units drinking alcohol, playing loud music or any way disturbing or annoying the occupants of any units in the complex.

*There is NO assigned parking.

*The fine for not picking up after your pet has been increased to $250 for a first-time violation. There are no warnings and the fines escalate for additional violations. WE ARE SERIOUS WHEN WE SAY PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET!!!

Thank you for your cooperation in following these rules and we look forward to a fabulous year at Woodlake Villas.