March Spring Cleaning

March Spring Cleaning

March Spring Cleaning

Welcome spring, everyone! The Woodlake Board is as happy as you are that it is now March and the winter will be ending soon. We’re all looking forward to warm weather, flowers, and plenty of sunshine.

Along with this feeling of celebration comes the need, however, for everyone to do their part to help Woodlake “clean up” for spring. We are asking every tenant and every owner to work diligently over the course of the next few weeks to clean up their front yards and back yards around their condo. This spring and summer we want Woodlake to showcase its “best” side to potential homebuyers, and to do that all front yards and patios need to be cleaned up. PLEASE NOTE: CLEAN UP MUST BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 30. IF YOU AS OWNER/TENANT FAIL TO MEET THIS DEADLINE, CORRECTIVE ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IN THE FORM OF A WARNING AND/OR INITIAL FINE.

Specifically, here are a few areas that need particular attention:

  • Remove/throw away excess pots that will not be used for flowers or plants.
  • Remove any garbage, old towels, kitchen items, trash, cigarette butts, or personal items meant for indoors from your patio or front entrance.
  • Remove HOUSE furniture from any front or back of any unit. ONLY lawn furniture is permitted on back patios.

Furthermore, please observe the following Woodlake rules and take action accordingly:

  • No article shall be hung or shaken from the doors or windows, or placed upon the windowsills of the units, with the exception of hanging plants and decorative wreaths. If properly displayed, the current United States flag is allowed. All other flags must be approved in advance.
  • No bicycles, scooters, baby carriages, or similar vehicles or toys, or any personal articles shall be allowed to stand in any of the Common Areas or sidewalks.  Common Areas include all areas adjacent to and immediately beyond the patios and entrance doors.  No lawn furniture, picnic tables, potted plants, or garden hoses are allowed on the grassy areas.  Landscaping edging is not permitted without consent from the Board of Directors.  The following items only are allowed on the patio area: lawn furniture, cooking grills, plants, bicycles, and children’s riding toys.  ITEMS WHICH ARE PROHIBITED INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, THE FOLLOWING: FIREWOOD, SHELVING UNITS, BOXES, MOTORCYCLES, AND PLASTIC BABY POOLS.  Exceptions to those rules may be approved only by the Regime.
  • Each Owner or Tenant shall keep his unit in a good state of preservation and cleanliness, and shall not sweep or throw, or permit to be swept or thrown therefrom, or from the windows thereof, any dirt or substances.  Littering is prohibited.
  • All garbage and refuse from the units shall be deposited with care IN garbage containers.
  • Any Owner or Tenant wishing to plant flowers, trees, or shrubs outside of their patio area must obtain permission from the Board of Directors before doing so.  Each Owner and Tenant who does so will be responsible for replacement, upkeep, or damage to such flowers, trees or shrubs.
  • Firewood must not be stored next to buildings or patios unless on an approved rack.  It must be stored at least two feet from the building and placed on a storage rack adjacent to the A/C condenser unit, so as not to hinder the pedestrian movement in the common areas.  Other Storage sites must be approved by the Regime.  Colored tarps are not permitted to shelter firewood.
  • The Board of Directors and/or its Managing Agent reserves the right to limit outside displays related to holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Again, we are looking forward to spring and appreciate everyone’s help in cleaning up Woodlake!

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